Lectures and talks

  1. Jiri Kovar
    Off-equatorial motion of charged particles near compact objects
    (September 2009) [pdf]
  2. Tapas K. Das
    On the multi-critical properties of axisymmetric matter flow in the Kerr metric
    (July 2009) [pdf]
  3. Vladimir Karas
    Public lecture: "GPS" — a very practical application of relativity
    (May 2009) [pdf]
  4. Martin Urbanec
    Equation of state of dense matter and rotating neutron stars
    (February 2009) [pdf]
  5. Jiri Horak
    Nonlinear interaction among oscillation modes of accretion tori
    (February 2008) [pdf]
  6. Tomas Dolezel
    Introduction to the multidimensional cosmology
    (March 2007) [pdf]
  7. Richard Wunsch
    Catastrophic cooling in super star cluster winds
    (December 2006) [pdf]
  8. Vladimir Karas
    Theoretical aspects of relativistic spectral features from accretion disc spots
    (June 2006) [pdf]
  9. Rene Goosmann
    Modeling Active Galactic Nuclei in the X-ray range
    (May 2006) [pdf]
  10. Michal Bursa
    High-frequency QPOs in accretion discs
    (May 2006) [pdf]
  11. Jiri Podolsky
    Gravitational waves in cosmology
    (April 2006) [pdf]